Business Resources for starting your practice

To be successful in business, whatever that means to you, not only do you need to be a great healer and practitioner, but you also need a variety of other tools to support you in this endeavor. At the very least you will need email and payment processing and maybe even a website and scheduling system.

Here are some Business Resources that I recommend and use myself (currently or previously):

Payment Processing:
Square Register
- - can be used for an online store, in-person (via app and card reader) and sending an invoice (which can also add optional tip).
MoonClerk - - this is a 3rd party app that uses Stripe to create customized registration forms, and set up your own payment plans. I use this for class & retreat registrations paid online only, and pay what you can specials. I LOVE MoonClerk for all of their variety of options for payments. They have a base fee of $9/mo and then it will go up depending on the volume of usage that month. The more revenue you bring in the higher the fee. Worth it to me.
Stripe - Used with SquareSpace websites - very popular among online entrepreneurs who are not using PayPal. Has subscription options as well as one-time payments.
***Note: Be careful about not putting ‘psychic’ in your business description - they have a thing against this in their Terms & Conditions and can shut down your account if it is violated.
Other options out there:
PayPal - Has a free and Business option ($20/mo I believe). I no longer use this for collecting payments from clients, only for affiliate payouts.
Ca$h App - - I don’t use this for my business to collect payment from clients. I only use it to pay other people for their services if this is how they collect payment. This is an app through Square Register.

Email systems:
G Suite
- used to be Google for Work - You get a custom domain and email addresses! I LOVE this and have had it since the beginning! Access to ALL the Google Apps: Email, Calendar, Google Drive (Docs, Sheets, Forms, etc etc.), loads of storage, easy to customize sharing links and store documents to share with team, clients or others. Sign up with these promotion codes and receive 20% off your first year: CA4NJ7CXXKXLAR6 or R9Y3K37Y7VLEUMJ
ConvertKit - this is for creating your mailing list! To be able to schedule emails, sequences, create different lists/tags, etc. Lowest option is $29/mo but has many professional abilities that
MailChimp doesn’t have - Other options out there: MailChimp - has a free option with limitations Many many more - honestly, there are so many to choose from.

Zoom - - use this for video conferencing (Classes, workshops and distance sessions). Free option is unlimited time for 2 people. If you have 2 or more people time is limited to 40mins. Pro account is only $14.99/mo (have a one-time annual payment option where you save) and gets you unlimited time for 2 or more people, recording abilities in the cloud (or have the client record it for their own file), and many more options. HIPAA level encryption, waiting room options, and so much more! Great quality, speeds and customer service!
Other options out there:
Skype - Great free for International. I believe they also have a paid option as well. I haven’t seen that the video quality is that great.
FaceTime - on apple products only. No recording feature.

Acuity Scheduling
- HIPAA compliance (at highest paid level), can have multiple users at multiple sites, can require intake form to be filled out, can require payment or deposit upon booking a session. Also has options for packages, gift certificates, classes and more! Easily integrates with Google Calendar and other calendar systems as well.
Calendly - Simple. Easy to create various types of sessions. Easily integrates with GoogleCalendar - Limited options for questions and unable to require payment before scheduling. $10/user/mo
Other options out there:
G Suite - Appointments - an additional fee - I haven’t used this. Not even sure they still offer it.
Square Appointments - This is through Square Register - $30/mo. Never used this. Just know it’s an option. Storage & File Sharing: GSuite - See ‘Email Systems’ above
DropBox - - Share files and have links expire, etc.

Please note: Even though some of these are affiliate links I don’t recommend things that I don’t truly love.