Option 2: Online + Live Event



You are ready to harness your sensitivity and feel empowered.

You have taken an energy healing modality and are ready to deepen your skills.

You're expanding your horizons, physically and spiritually.



Program Details

• Live Weekly Office hours/Group Coaching Calls - (with recording in online area if missed)
• Live & Recorded Classes
• Continuous support and inspiration in private Facebook Group
• Online Course area - Lifetime access
• Connection & support with other mentoring peers like you
• 3- months of content
• 3- weeks of integration (Weeks 4, 8 & 12)
• 3-day in-person live event during Week 12. Coaching, supplies, lunch & snacks included.
• Required Reading List

Bonus: Lifetime access to any updated materials
Bonus: Office Hours/Group Coaching Call during Integration weeks
Bonus: VIP's Customizable Energy Medicine Guide™ (PDF)
Early Registration Bonus: 1- 90-mins Private Energy Healing Session with ashley ($225 value!)


Program Overview

2018 :: 1st Month (Weeks 1-4) :: intuition development

Intuition is the language of the soul. We were born so deeply connected with it and have had many human experiences along the way leaving us disconnected, stressed out and doubting ourselves. During this month we rebuild our foundational relationship with our soul by relearning and reconnecting with our intuition. And if you already have a relationship with your intuition, this will continue to strengthen and fine tune it.
We acknowledge the ego/mind as well so we can build upon that. Not only will we be learning about this, but we will be actively practicing and embodying these concepts.
Additionally we cover how to be a steward of energy and identifying and transforming our limiting beliefs that are no longer serving us and align with our soul's truth.
Week 4 - No class, one bonus office hours/group coaching call

2018 :: 2nd Month (Weeks 5-8) :: Energy Medicine

Everything is energy. There are several ancient systems that acknowledge the energy systems. In this trimester we explore Energy Medicine and Energy Anatomy: Chakras and Auric Fields and all the information they contain. We also cover areas of the body and various dis-eases. Again, we will be practicing these healing activities and incorporating them into our lives for soul aligned transformation.
Week 8 - No Class, one Bonus Office Hours/Group coaching call

2018 :: 3rd Month (Weeks 9-12) :: Soul Goodies

In this month we cover all things soul. Soul lessons, soul agreements, what makes up the soul, past lives, mediumship, and so much more! This by far as been the most empowering trimester for mentees. Discovering language for concepts and truths that you have felt within but didn't have language for.
Week 12 - 3-Day In-person Live Event + one group coaching call




Live Event December 2018

Following the format of the program, we also include these topics for our 3-day live event.
These days are also for developing skills, techniques and confidence with solid approaches for those who are ready to step into their healing capabilities and working with others.

Day 1  Intuition Development

• Hands-on healing - appropriate, trauma-informed positioning
• Body mechanics for during a session
• Carrying & Setting up a treatment table
• Develop your intentional intro for clients

Day 2   Energy Medicine

• Connecting with the chakras
Connecting with Auric Fields
• New techniques for honoring your energy during a session
• New healing techniques for clients

Day 3   Soul Goodies

• Connecting with the soul
• Connecting with Guides, etc.
• Distance Sessions
• More hands-on healing techniques
• Complete a full session with a client



Additional Considerations

We want to make sure this is a successful match for everyone involved and like to be as transparent as possible so you know what you are signing up for. This way the only surprises are good ones.
Below are a few additional considerations when looking at the option of signing up for this program.

Technical Requirements:

  • Make sure you have a working laptop or computer that has a decent size screen (especially for the ASL group - this way you can see everyone and what they are signing, as we will not have shadow interpreting happening). Please note that a smartphone or tablet is not sufficient for this program.

  • High-speed internet is a requirement. Plugged into an ethernet cable is highly preferred and encouraged!


  • You will receive your Required Reading list after registering. Make sure to start gathering the books listed there as we will be reading them over the course of the program.

  • Journals are always handy and super helpful to the transformation process.

  • As always, fun colorful pens are a great option as well.


You are responsible for all transportation to/from the 3-day In-Person live event December 19th - 21st, 2018 near Denver, Colorado.
These days are 8-hour all-day classes. The exact times and location will be shared by 11/15/18.

Provided at the live event: beautiful space, coaching, instruction, supplies and nourishing foods (snacks & lunch).
You are responsible for coordinating and paying for your:

  • Flights

  • Transportation

  • Lodging

Emotional/Mental/Spiritual support:

This is going to be a magnificent time! And it will also be filled with transformation, healing and soulwork. With that comes growth on every level: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. And even with the copious amounts of support you will be getting from this group program it's important that you also make sure that you:

  • Block out the dates and times for the coaching calls and classes (online and in-person), along with time for reading and soulwork.

  • Ask your family/friends for more support during this time. If you live with others making sure they know these times are for you (distraction-free). If you live by yourself, asking friends and family to check in on you once in a while (to make sure you're not isolating).

  • If you are seeing practitioners for any kind of health, make sure that you are continuing that work throughout this program. We highly encourage caring for self in every way.

  • Prepare yourself for traveling in December for the 3-day in-person live event. Prep includes emotional and mental preparation and planning financially for flights, transportation and lodging.


Communication Modes

Due to the nature of the content we only conduct Align & Thrive™ in direct communication modes. No interpretation will be provided.
This means that the ASL group will be SIGNING ONLY space at all times.
As with all of our offerings at VIP Holistic Services, you get to choose which communication mode works best for your learning style. We do not have things set up based on identity or status, only preferred communication modes.
On your registration form you will be able to select which
communication mode you prefer: Spoken English, ASL or either.



Tuition, Referral Credits & Additional Options



Consider this is your professional development, some college tuition and group coaching all rolled into one!
For Option 2: Online + Live Event, we wanted to be able to offer in-depth support and skills development.
With this option you get my best attention and energy with continuous access to me (in the Facebook group) and your tuition for Align & Thrive™ - Option 2 will reopen December 2018.

Referral Credits

We are so thankful that you share with others about Align & Thrive™! For each person who signs up for Option 2 and puts your name down on their registration form, you will receive $50!
This can be cash (through PayPal) or applied and credited to your own Tuition!

Still have some questions, or not sure if this is the most aligned Option for you?
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