Accepting your soul's invitation.


It's time.

Our world's vibration continues to rise.
The consciousness increases each day.
More people are connected with the moon (full moon and new moon energies), know that Mercury Retrograde can impact their communication, relationships and technology, and are continuing to turn towards more holistic modalities for healing.

Empaths, Sensitives, Introverts, Oh MY!
Maybe you're ready to learn more about energy. Maybe you know you're meant to do this work professionally and are ready to start working on getting there. Maybe you're somewhere in between.

No matter what your reasoning for checking into Align & Thrive™ know that this is your soul inviting you to go deeper, intentionally reserve time to focus on this, create space, connection and community for healing.


History of the program

VIP Holistic Services Mentoring Program started in 2014 by the direction of my guides. This will be our sixth year of the program!
I had been in my own Energy Medicine Mentoring Program with Marie Manuchehri in Seattle, WA and loving every minute of it. Getting to study with someone who had been doing this work professionally, being open to all the messages that would come through and getting to connect with fellow like-minded, similarly intentioned souls who absolutely love energy! 

Under the guidance of my guides this program has continued to evolve and transform, offering higher levels and new offerings each time the doors open.

The one thing that hasn't changed is the transformations that take place. Each soul's transformation is unique, yes, but the feeling of 'being home,' at one with your soul and connected with your tribe is an experience everyone who has gone through this program so far has felt.