Below are full testimonials from a few of the souls who have experienced Mentoring


Amazing! Completely worth the time, energy, and money. This experience will last a lifetime.
I had completed the VIP Reiki program and desired to further my personal growth.
Everything we learned was transferable and applicable to my day to day life. It allowed me to take a closer look at my life and specific areas that I was ready to grow.
My "light bulb" moment (or series of moments/learning) that all of my weird quirks, feelings, or thoughts that were hard to explain were a part of my strengths and even a means for understanding my intuition.
I have grown in my confidence and trust in myself to make decisions knowing that it will all work out for good.
”What is your favorite part of Align & Thrive™?”
Everything! But, if I must be specific, the coaching calls; it allowed us to really absorb what we were learning and how it applied.

- Jessica Hurd, Counselor, NCC, Rochester, NY



I want to share a huge shoutout for Ashley Koe. Last fall, I really and truly fell apart. I joked that my battery got down to 7% but I never quite went dead.
I signed up for her Align and Thrive program. We started in January, and it has truly transformed my life. I feel so strong and so clear and so inspired now. It has been such a clarifying, energizing and supportive process.
Ashley is truly a master at holding space for people to transform. Her private sessions are amazing. I always walk away with such relief and insight. I always feel loved and held and supported. Her group coaching sessions were always a joy, to be witnessed that way and to be a part of that space for other people. And her teaching is masterful as well.

- Peggy Freeh, Boulder, CO


MJ Tom.jpeg

It’s a learning experience well worth the time and effort. I had taken ashley’s reiki classes and felt I wanted more growth as a person. I gained a deeper understanding of energy, self, healing, letting go, trust.
I enjoyed the online portion of the class; the information is wonderful, the in person classes really connected everything together.
The in person classes were my favorite part; I got to see the other students in 3D and share a hug.
I enjoyed the classes; I was able to have my questions answered; or at least was led to question myself until I found the answer.
The last class sort of gathered everything I had learned through the year and connected it somehow. It felt like many parts became one system, working together for a common goal. I found guidance, wisdom, confidence and a calm that wasn’t there before.
I’ve discovered self. I’m exploring the many parts that make up who I am. I’m healing many parts of me I’d been hiding or ignoring before. It’s been a lot of introspective work but well worth it.

- MJT, CO, Healer, hearing interpreter.



"Having a solitary practice for many years, I wasn't sure what to expect with Mentoring. I was surprised to quickly find myself a part of an incredible community that is committed to healing themselves, others and our communities. Being connected with like-minded folks is incredible; I am bonded with my fellow students for life.
    For 11 years I tried to work through negative self talk and self doubt on my own, but within two years of mentoring they dissipated. It blew me away that after just a few months of Mentoring how much more accurate, clear and confident I was. Now my messages come through more clear and vivid. I am fully present for my clients' healing (no more ego or doubting) and I love it when they say, "Wow! How did you know that?!"
   My private practice has doubled over the past two years, constantly expanding with clients from all walks of life all over the world. I am really tapping into my potential and am even starting to teach others.
   My life has changed each month and the universe has continued to provide tuition each month. I now live more authentically and more aligned each and every day.
   It has truly been like being in Grad School for the Spiritual/Intuitive Healer and I recommend it to anyone! If you are reading this now, this just might be the shift you are looking for."

- MateoLuis Ruiz-Williams, CRMT, CI, Spiritual Advisor


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   "Mentoring has transformed my life! This program has taught me a lot and I have grown at an incredible rate simply because I have been learning how to follow and trust my intuition!
   I love ashley. She encouraged me to go outside my comfort zone, so I have started to love myself more and face my fears. My intuition knows where to go and in this program I have learned how to connect with it and let it lead the way.
   One of my favorite activities in class is 'table time' where we learn new tools and healing techniques while receiving encouragement and validation. I love being in a class with fellow amazing mentoring peers who are also incredible healers.
   I continue to thank the Universe for this program and the beautiful teacher coming into my life!
If you are considering this program, it's so WORTH IT!"

- Isa-Magic, Certified Reiki Master Teacher (CRMT) & Magic Energy Intuitive Healer



"ashley is a great mentor. Divinely connected she channels the messages and knows the perfect balance of when to push more and when to pull back. She is great at holding us accountable for our homework and nudging us with the messages of our guides.
   In mentoring we gained new perspectives on life situations and how to approach them through a spiritual perspective. ashley is often right on target knowing exactly what we have been going through in our lives and encourages us to really dig deep to see the core of what is truly going on within.
   Because I have learned to be patient with myself as a result of this program, I have gained an abundance of new skills in Mentoring: finally feeling grounded, physically feeling high vibrations and energy flowing, being able to relieve my vertigo through energy work and addressing the Spiritual meaning behind it, seeing colors, receiving messages from the Universe through animals and my surroundings, mediumship and connecting with my soul.
   Whether you are looking to advance your spiritual development or work with clients, I highly recommend this program."

- Jan Dubberley, Certified Reiki Master (CRMT), Mentoring Graduate

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"This was a profoundly enlightening experience. The most transformational experience for me was the realization that there are many other people out there just like me: sensitive to the energies that are within us and surround us, that I'm not some kind of 'freak!'
   I signed up for Align & Thrive™ because I was 'sick and tired of being sick and tired,' I feel like I've been searching for so long and I've finally found what I was looking for.
   I am now able to set and maintain internal and external boundaries and stick with them. I'm no longer engaging in self-sabotaging behaviors that kept me stuck in the past.
   I absolutely love the classes we hold in-person around the world. I've seen and experienced places, met people and learned techniques that I never imagined I would have the opportunity to do.
   I never expected the depth and breadth of personal growth I've experienced through this program. Living in alignment is my new norm, and wow, I am thriving!
   Don't hesitate; jump at the chance to live the life you've always wanted!"

- Pam Cosper, Energy Intuitive (CRM), Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Interpreter (CI/CT, SC:L)
Catawissa, PA